I am a research engineer at Orange Innovation in the Applied Cryptography Group. I am working on post-quantum cryptography, and more precisely on designing advanced lattice-based signature schemes for privacy applications. Feel free to check out my quick introduction video on lattice cryptography.

I am also completing a PhD on the subject which started in October 2021. It is done in collaboration with the CAPSULE team at INRIA/IRISA in Rennes, and under the supervision of Adeline Roux-Langlois (IRISA), Olivier Sanders (Orange Labs) and Pierre-Alain Fouque (IRISA).

Before that, I was a research intern (Jan. - Jul. 2020 & Apr. - Sep. 2021) supervised by Adeline Roux-Langlois. I was working on the computational assumptions underlying lattice-based cryptosystems, namely the Module Learning With Errors problem.

In April 2021, I completed my master of engineering in the cybersecurity specialization at Centrale Paris. From July 2019 to December 2019, I worked as a cybersecurity engineering intern at Thales LAS on risk analysis and cryptography applied to critical industrial systems. Prior to that, I visited Carnegie Mellon University as an exchange student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department from January 2019 to June 2019.
Before that, in 2017, I completed my two years of preparatory classes in Mathematics and Physics at Lycée Jacques Amyot. My thesis project was on the theory and implementation of the signature scheme ECDSA.








  • 22/08/2023: Lattice Signature with Efficient Protocols, Application to Anonymous Credentials. At Crypto 2023, Santa Barbara, California, United States. Slides, Video
  • 01/06/2023: Lattice Signature with Efficient Protocols, Application to Anonymous Credentials. At IRISA, Capslock Seminar, Rennes, France.
  • 13/03/2023: On the Secret Distributions in Module Learning With Errors. At Florida Atlantic University, Crypto Café Seminars (online). Slides, Video
  • 27/02/2023: Lattice Signature with Efficient Protocols, Application to Anonymous Credentials. At Aarhus University, Aarhus Crypto Seminar, Aarhus, Denmark. Slides
  • 12/12/2022: Entropic Hardness of Module-LWE from Module-NTRU. At Indocrypt 2022, Kolkata, India. Slides, Video
  • 11/10/2022: On the Hardness of Module Learning With Errors with Short Distributions. At Caen University, Algo Seminar, Caen, France. Slides
  • 11/04/2022: Entropic Hardness of Module-LWE from Module-NTRU. At Journées C2 2022, Hendaye, France. Slides
  • 19/05/2021: On the Hardness of Module-LWE with Binary Secret. At RSA Conference 2021 - Cryptographer’s Track (online). Slides, Video




  • Lattice-Based Cryptography, Rennes 1 University, CyberSchool
    Exercise Sessions in lattice-based cryptography for Master 2 level students from Rennes 1 University and CyberSchool.


  • Information Systems and Programming, CentraleSupélec
    Co-construction of the course as part of the first year curriculum of CentraleSupélec engineering school. Practical exercises in information systems and networks and Python programming labs. Introduction to information security.


Corentin JEUDY
Orange Innovation
4 rue du Clos Courtel
35510 Cesson-Sévigné

Affiliation: Orange Labs, Applied Crypto Group & Univ Rennes, CNRS, IRISA

Email: corentin • jeudy [at] orange • com